Maiko, feminists by tradition

Complex and confusing, surrounded by stereotypes, the Geisha apprentices – the Maiko- transport us to the animistic origins of Japanese society with its unique aesthetic of the four seasons. Through their culture of appearances and the practice of ancient arts (dance, song, instrumental music, tea ceremony, theater), these genuine artists are a metaphor of a floral world that resonates with our ephemeral lives – and time that passes by. Through their participation in public events and rituals, these independent women invigorate the gender issue as it arises in a patriarchal society. Moving art work, the Maiko are beyond the simplistic opposition between tradition and modernity. Being at the forefront of contemporary Japan, they are looked at, admired and followed.

(Published by Bec en l’air Editions)

* With the support of the Takemoto Okiya, the Kaburenjo Theater of the Miyagawacho District in Kyoto, Nikon Corporation, SPES Foundation and The Embassy of Japan in Belgium